Fizzies! (for you!)

Above is the first Bubble made custom for the Fizzies. Feel free to use this Bubble on any of your own sites to show your support!

Fizzies is a new project that I’m taking on. The basis behind the project is follower appreciation! All of you equal the fizz to my diet coke, and in the coming weeks you will see some follower appreciation blogs here at Diet Coke & Hairspray!

Stay tuned!

– Olio ❤

Fashion in a Box: CANCELLED!

Terrible news all of my loyal Fizzies! Unfortunatly, Project Fashion in a Box is going to be cancelled! The premise for my project was the traveling job that I had. I had to make the decision to quit this job (I smell a new article!) and therefore must cancel (for now) this project. Thanks for the feed back you’ve all given me, and this is defiantly something that I plan on continuing in the future. Possibly a little better planned out? Hey, Diet Coke & Hairspray’s just a baby. Stick with us! We’re learning. =^.^= Let’s all put on our Indiana Jones hat’s and gear up for the next adventure!
On that note, if anyone has any ideas for something they’d like to see daily, please post them or feel free to e-mail them to me at for consideration! Don’t worry, credit will absolutely go where credit is due!

– Olio ❤

Fun with Sticks!

Chopsticks, that is! Being my favorite eating utensil, I use it for nearly every meal that I eat! I know that chopsticks are difficult to use for someone who was brought up in western culture and wasn’t exposed to them at a young age. I learned how to use them out of sheer curiosity and awe. A very good friend of mine is from Taiwan and she also showed me how to use them and proper table etiquette. I just wanted to share with all of you how to use them so you can enjoy them as much as I do!

This is a very good video to explain how to use chopsticks.

Here’s another great video to check out!

Chopsticks are easily available, at a very cheap price at places like the Wal-mart in the Asian Food sections. These are disposable chopsticks, however. Check out this website for some fun chopsticks, and other asian inspired kitchen accessories, to keep in your silverware drawer all the time!

Eat up!

-Olio ❤

Sunday’s Game: Day Dream Shopping Spree #2

This week’s shopping event will be to dress for a concert! Idealy local band or show, those are much more exciting. (I’m a great big giant fan of Japanese culture and it’s going to start showing in my fashion related blogs!)

So grab your tickets and get ready to shop ladies!
Wig apprx $70 usd (check out all the great wigs on this site! Yippie!)
Tailored Ruffle Shirt apprx $158 usd
Dickie’s Pants $29.99 (all the colors listed here would be perfect!)
Have fun!
-Olio ❤

Post Secret: Pick of the Week

image by Post Secret

This week the post card that touched my heart was directed towards autism, or actually a parent of an autistic child and his feelings about the subject. Because I have a very good friend who has two autistic children, who are angels I might add, this post card seems to hit home for me.

If you, or anyone you know is a parent of a child with autism and are dealing with the same issues, please click here.

Soon to come? A related article in which I interview my good friend who has autistic children.

-Olio ❤

Must Have Beauty Product; the Perfect Face Step 1

image by

Water is so SO important for your everyday health and beauty. It’s funny to think that there are still people out there in this day and age that don’t understand the importance of h2o!… but there are!

So… Now I’m here to sread the word! Listen up folks, you DO need drink at least 8 glasses of water per day! Water allows your body to absorb nutrients from food and vitamins, keeps your body lubricated, and your skin hydrated! You can’t live much more than three days without water!

Bottled water is growing ever more popular and has been for years. Yes, admittedly I am one of those girls who drink water from a bottle. I can’t stand the swimming pool taste of tap water… yick! Bottled water, that is filtered, is better for you because the filtration removes all of the contaminants.

One concerning thing, however, is the amount of garbage that is created by drinking bottled water. I try to reuse my bottles and fill them with filtered water from my tap water filter, or filtered pitcher. If not, I make an effort to recyle! Why not go green?

Did I mention skin hydration?

If you want to have that picture perfect face, the first thing you should make sure you do is keep your skin properly hydrated.

Of course drinking water is a great first step! The next step is to pick a great skin care regime. The biggest problem I’m facing currently is that my skin cannot decide what category it fits into; dry, oily, or combination.

I have two pieces of advice to give you: whatever brand you decided to use avoid products that contain a lot of alcohol and make sure you do your research on the product before you slab it on your pretty face.

Also… try something organic!

Good luck to you all! I’d love to hear about your favorite products/product lines or regimines!

– Olio ❤

Happy Anniversary to… ME!

Two weeks that is…

When I took this job that I am with now I had a few goals in mind and the first one that I acheived was to quit smoking.

The only help that I have had along the way doesn’t come from drugs, over eating, chewing on straws, patches, gums, or other miracles cures. It’s been the support of my sister and her husband.

Two Fridays ago (03/06/2009) I smoked the last cigarette in my last pack when I woke up in the morning and I just didn’t buy another pack! And now it’s been two weeks!

I’m pretty proud of myself for this. I must say it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would, judging from experience as I’ve quit before. All of my cravings are gone… for the most part. What I have left to hang on to is only the image I had of myself as a smoker. (Time, yet again, to reinvent myself! HOORAY!) well… that and the fact that I like it…

But anyway! I’m going to keep a running feed of my goals and progress on my site. Follow along if you wish!

– Olio ❤