Yes, Hello.

In my experience, most blogs are geared towards one thing in particular. Lifestyle sub-category, a business, et cetera. But I’m not built like that and if we’re being honest, neither are you. I am into a LOT of stuff and it’s pretty broad spectrum. Also, I live in a small community in Wyoming where I don’t have a lot of people who share my interest, yet Lord knows I love to talk. SO. Because my friends and most of my family are little battle worn in that field, you’re my next victims!

What you’re in for if you stick with me:

-Homesteading, kinda.

-Music, for sure.

-Pop Culture

-Girly shit; i.e. – make-up and stuff. . . you knowwwww. . .

-Weightloss – I hope!

-And honestly whatever else I feel like.

Hold on to your butts! This is going to be fun!



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