You guys! You gotta give this a listen. . .

Shakey Graves. Just get into him anyway!

This song gets super super good at about 4:10, but is TOTALLY worth a listen to the entire thing.

His voice, though! Seriously. Also, there is something that just moves my soul about a kick-drum.

I got this picture from this website.

I don’t normally comment or even form an opinion on the attractiveness of another person, because, I don’t really know, I’m either not wired that way or I am EXTREMELY particular. Aside from my dude, I find two men attractive and that, I believe is more because of a perception of artistic whatevers-blah-blah-blah than physical appearance.

Shakey Graves is one of them. Pretty sure because of his beautiful, sultry voice and his intense music.

The other is Tom Hardy, and really just to look at him I wouldn’t think that, but when The Dark Knight Rises came out I was absolutely fascinated by the voice of Bane, and really their all around portrayal of the character, so I had to find out what made that happen. It’s really a great process; and the King of the Gypsies? Oh my! Then of course his character in Lawless is the man I always thought I’d marry. What a bad ass!

Tom Hardy
So handsome. ❤

Go down that rat-hole and click those links. There’s cool information there!

Hope you love it all as much as I do!



The Non-Farm – or – how to fix your Keurig in 10 easy steps.

Yep. That’s what I’m going to call it.

I’m not a farm – I’m raising nothing for the purpose of profit

I’m not a homestead – I’m not running my home in such a way as to be self sufficient. I’m not even part way there! I’m just implementing practices I grew up with and delving into a few hobbies. And fixing stuff for myself like a danged adult.

Which is exactly what I did this weekend.

Okay now let us back up a little bit. Long story short: Many long eons ago we had a perfectly good, hand-me-down, original, basic Keurig. It was great. I used to hell out of it. Then one day out of the blue, my dude, who didn’t drink coffee at the time, up and decided to purchase a Keurig Vue from some rando off  of a Facebook trading post. Ugh. Why? Doesn’t he know I don’t like change?

Any normal Keurig uses a K-cup, which I quickly bought a $4 refillable cup and started using my own grind (because people love to love me and my beautiful sister would always bring me Starbucks beans!!!) because it’s far cheaper. Why am I explaining this to you? You live on planet Earth. You know what this is all about.

A Keurig Vue uses a fancy pod that isn’t like a K-cup. It was SO irritating! Also it took me a LONG time to find an adapter – therefore I hated that confounded thing! *Sigh* It is pretty cool. It’s all digital and has many options and I use it constantly.

Friday I made a cup of coffee. I’m now on to Dazbog KGB Blend, by the way, took a fancy picture for Instagram, pressed the power button, and promptly smashed that sucker down into the machine.

What the hhhhheeelllllll? As if I have the money to fix something like this. GROWL. Saho does not approve.

So, taking a queue from my childhood curiosity, I took the damned thing apart to figure out what makes it tick. Tutorial as follows:

1.) Break your Keurig

2.) Panic.

3.) Access the Keurig website.

4.) E-mail them asking about any advice; wait a grueling 15-20 seconds for a reply and resume panicking when no response is received within that very reasonable amount of time.

5.) Head to the garage and dig out the screwdrivers.

6.) Spend 45 minutes gingerly (haha, see what I did there?) taking the mother effer apart.

7.) Finally get the power device-a-ma-jigger and find out that it’s bracket is busted.

8.) Remember that you saw some electrical tape the other day, where was that? The counter by the microwave! Go get that.

9.) Pull the power device-a-ma-jigger through to the outside of the Keurig and craft a very high end fastener out of the electrical tape for the power. . . device-a-ma-jigger.

10.) Put it back together and then ask your mom for her old coffee pot. (it did work, by the way. Both things.) Who needs a Ninja Coffee Bar? Hah! I do want one. . .

Let me know if you’d like to see any tutorials in the future! I sure loved making this one for you!



Actually, Let’s talk about brothers. . .

Push play on this guy while you’re reading this post. 🙂 One of my favorite memories I will always have is of my brother hanging on me, half drunk on PBR, while we scream this song back at the band!


brother definition

I’m blessed in my life with brothers. I have sisters in my life, too, and don’t get me wrong – they are special to me as well, but that’s another post.

I want to take some time and honor these men.

First of all I have the fortune of having three brothers by blood. Two older than me and one younger. All of these men have had a profound affect on my life in different ways and at different times.

I have idolized my oldest brother (11 years older) since as far back as I can remember. I grew up wanting to be just like him, be interested in what he was, act like he did, et cetera.

“I am hurt by not having a pic. So hurt. Sad, crying cowboy unicorn bear.” This is why I love him.

As a young adult and really even a teenager, I was knowingly concerned with what his perception of me was; and honestly I don’t see a dang thing wrong with that! He’s a wonderful man who has been through a lot in his life and he loves me and I love him. There are five of us kids and he and I are very similar. Because of that we share a special bond that isn’t like the others. He took me to my very first movie, for crying out loud!

((I’m the exact middle child, so I think I have a bond with each of my siblings that is different than the others. Maybe that’s just me. I really think it’s a middle kid thing. . . (I’m also and oldest child HAHA but that is for another post as well!))

My next older brother left a profound imprint on my mind as a child (he’s 9 years older). My mom has a picture of me and my little brother when we were little running around with our shirts off because we wanted to be just like him! He was so suave! Such a cool dude who drove a cooool car and had cooooool friends.

I don’t know if it’s because of our closeness in age or proximity, but I am closest with my younger brother. We are so gof damm much like the same person, it’s ridiculous. We lived together as young adults, we participated in similar activities in school, we shared a large majority of our friends. We are the hipsteryest of hipsters when it comes right down to it. Our interests are similar and complimentary and collaborative. I don’t think I would be the person I am today without having him in my life. Together we have been through probably the best and

Why I don’t own a single picture of myself with any of my brothers as adults I do not know. . .

worst moments of our lives. Supporting each other, fighting with each other, finding each other again. He’s the one person that can truly persuade my thoughts, emotions, and ways of perceiving the world around me. I truly respect him for that.

The man my sister is about to marry I have known for probably over ten years at this point (yep, I knew him first) and we have always been close. He’s so perfect for her. It’s like he somehow was supposed to be part of our family even though we are not blood.

My dude’s brother is the final mention on this list. His wife is such a close friend to me, and their family has a strong bond as well. He’s been such a huge supporter of me and been there for me through so many things.

I guess I’m not in the right place for the words here and that frustrates me slightly.

I love these men with all of my heart. They mean so much to me.

I hope you have brothers. There’s nothing quite as special (don’t worry sisters, I’m not forgetting you) as how brothers can build you up. Brothers are an important part of the structure of your life whether you realize it or not, even if you don’t have a brother by blood, there has to be a man out there that is close to you and has had a profound influence on your life. Tell me about it in the comments below!



(boys, don’t be mad that I only posted a picture of one of you!)

Mix Tape Vol. 2

It is HIGH time that we have another Mix Tape. What do you say? This time I’d like to showcase my affinity for this folky movement that is out there right now. I personally feel that it is a direct result of Punk Rockers being born to Outlaw Country parents and giving birth to Hipsters. It’s the best.

Earlier this summer I was fortunate enough to be able to see The Devil Makes Three at the RedRocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. Let me tell you, if you ever get a chance to see literally any show there, do it. It was amazing. This was my second show at RedRocks. The first was two summers ago when I got to see the Dirty Heads. That, too was amazing. (Though it got rained out and I dealt with some absolute crap. Meh.) But seriously, it’s an outdoor venue with a natural amphitheater. Never before have I been to a venue that just feels like home.

The absolutely coolest thing about that concert, however, is that I got to see a band open for the Devil Makes Three that I saw as a baby band at a tiny venue about 10 years ago. A few weeks ago my sister and her dude, my younger brother, and I all went to see them AGAIN in Fort Collins, Co. I love them. Murder By Death. (There is a bond between my brother, sister, and I over this band as well. They really had a presence during a lot of our early-adult formative years stuff.)


Now back to the story. . . something I find truly amazing about these bands is that most of them have beautifully done studio versions of their songs, but their live music is also amazing.

What I wish I could show you is the Pirate Bagpipe Band I saw at the Larkspur Renaissance Festival. . .

Saho’s Folky Shit:

A Side

1.) Devil Makes Three – Black Irish

Studio Version

Full disclosure: 9 times out of 10 this is the first song I turn on when I hop in the car. It never gets old.

Live Version

2.) Poor Man’s Poison – Devil’s Price

3.) The Dead South  – Banjo Odyssey

Seriously you’re playing a cello as a bass? Bear my sons.

4.) Gasoline Lollipops – Death

5.) Kongos – Hey I Don’t Know

This one has to make the list because the acoustic version just fits the vibe.

Yes I’ll share with you the original, which is far different, yet bass ass.

6.) Lost Dog Street Band – September Doves

B Side

7.) Rosemary – Sierra Ferrell

I just really love this girl. Her music is so folky and yet diverse. This song makes me think of folk music of today but in the 1920s. LOVE

8.) Murder By Death – Brother

This song will make me cry almost every time.

9.) Old Crow Medicine Show – Carry Me Back to Virginia

HA! HA! HA! You thought I was going to say Wagon Wheel?! Grow up. . .

10.) Widow’s Bane – Haul Away Boys!

Shut it. I don’t have to buy into someone else’s standard of what folk is. Shuunnnnn!

11.) Josh Turner/Reina del Cid/Other Bad Asses – Dooley

Just look at all of their stuff. They are amazazazing.

12.) Bubbles – Liquor & Whores

This just can’t NOT be on this list.


I hope you enjoyed this. There’s much more to be had from every artist listed. Dive deep into the YouTube of it all.



It’s about time. . .

For an update. GoodNESS!

I had a kick-ass Mix Tape lined out, but freaking YOUTUBE isn’t working right now. GROWL.

Anyway – I had really wanted to continue with my summer homestead series, but life has a way of kicking you in the balls sometimes and things have just been moving too fast.

I will tell you this:

The tomatoes did not survive the aphid attack. JERKS!!! In the move I knocked a branch off of one plant and stuck it in water. It is growing roots now. The only plant in my collection to produce any fruit was a “Green Tomato” plant that produced one tiny, round, green, tomato. When the frost started to hit, I snipped that branch and stuck it in water in my kitchen window and it is still growing and the stalk is producing roots. Success? Meh. I’ll take it!

The rest of the plants have been moved indoors for the winter season. Anything that produces something edible is in the kitchen – either in the windowsill or on the top of the fridge. A couple of larger plants have been strategically placed throughout the house and the rest are taking over my bedroom along with my fish.

My fish. . . So I planned to write a goldfish care post, and probably still will, but in doing the research for that post (and when I was planning their home on the budget of a poor person)  I learned that it is very important to change their water often. Therefore, I chose to do a 100% water change the first week. This worked great for five of the fish. Flopsy didn’t survive. At least I think that is why. Who knows? She’s a little fish in a new home and a lot could have gone wrong. At any rate – I woke up the following morning to see Flopsy doing the death [float?] sink at the bottom of the tank. I knew she was in trouble so I scooped her up in a a clean ice-cream bucket and put a little (and I mean a LITTLE) Epsom’s Salt in with her to ease her discomfort. I also shelled a frozen pea and gave that to her to eat. Ultimately she didn’t make it through to the next night. I know she was a little gold fish, but I was pretty sad to see her go.

The other five are doing just fine. I did wait about a month to change the water again for fear of killing more. I had to breakdown and change the water when I decided it was time to clear out the porch for firewood storage. But like I said – they are fine. They are happy and so super cute!

Even though my room seems like a crowded jungle, it’s somehow one of the most peaceful places I’ve been recently.

I tried to hatch a Monarch egg to no avail. I was excited to raise the little bugger and set it free, too. Hrmpf.

Oh. The vinegar was also a horrid fail. I need to find a way to be able to stir the apples better because I developed a mold issue and decided to toss the whole batch in the compost bin.

COMPOST!? Yep, success! I made legitimate dirt, folks! I’m super excited about it, too!

The seasons are changing and for the first time ever I am truly embracing fall. I usually hate fall because it means soon there is too much snow, not enough sunlight, and seasonal depression. A lot of people would say that there isn’t really a fall season in Wyoming, but they are wrong. I used to be one of those people, and I, too, was wrong! We don’t traditionally get the beautiful changing leaves and Stephen King-esque road ways with fluttering oranges and browns, et cetera, but there is a fall to be had if you want it.

There is wood to chop and stack, homemade hot cocoa to be enjoyed by the fire, game to track, hunting equipment to prepare, and animals to clean, cook, wrap, and freeze once game tags have been filled.

A year ago I started lining out my New Year’s Resolutions and sometimes, even though a few things have changed, I am slapped in the face with the reality that the situation that surrounds them has not. I think I’ll start a new list and get that out to you soon. One year of my life I might actually stick to these things.

I made that previous statement to color this point – this time of the year all I want to do is hole up in my personal oasis and figure out how to be independently wealthy so that I can just stay home and snuggle by the fire with my dog and a good book.

I’ve been toying with making some youtube videos to broaden this blog. But, maybe I need to actually be consistent in blogging first, no?

BAH! I’m getting rambly and I have a lot of corporate life work to do. BOOOO.




The Most Fun EVER!

So last night an impromptu trip to “the Walmart Town” (closest town with a Walmart, you understand) was upon us! My dude, his best buddy, buddy’s daughter and I hit the road for the 70+ mile trek to what some ignorant fools might consider actual civilization. (Because we don’t ride horses to places unless we actually want to, we have color TV and even wifi -how fancy!-, and actual electricity. Well unless the grid got turned off in the evacuation area because of the mountain fire.)

Anyway, that being said, sometimes it’s just more cost effective to drive an hour away to pick up some supplies and it’s nice to get out of town for a minute and actually do something.

We dropped the kiddo off with her mom and bumped into an old friend which led us to decide that after shopping we really should go have a beer (in my case beer me that water!) and hang out. The restaurant we wanted to go to had a wait of 22 minutes. Let me tell you, that is one thing we don’t adjust well to is restaurant waits, so we set off on foot down town and found this great little spot! It’s in a really cool old brick building and when you walk in (of course there is a bar, my boys need their beer, don’t you know?) you are met face-to-face with the coolest arcade. I’m talking old school games like Skee-Ball, and those creepy clowns

It’s. Just Creepy.

you knock down with rubber balls,  Pacman which you can play here, rows and rows of pinball machines, games I remember from the 90’s like Time-Crisis and every possible racing game. Oh and Mario Kart.

The decor was fantastic, there were pieces of old machines all over the place and kids and adults alike were having an absolute blast! Now. I have been to a place in Ft. Collins, Colorado that in my personal opinion is just a tiny little bit more cool simply because we accidentally found it while walking downtown – it’s a basement bar that has a lot more pinball machines. But is so great about this place, and what I look forward to playing EVERY time I go, is a game from the 70’s called Stunt Pilot.

Anyway – back to last night! Don’t get me wrong, this place we found is really great! I had probably the most fun I’ve had this year there. We found a table top game that sat 4 players called Harpoon Lagoon. And we spent hours there. That sucker was hard. And fun. And rewarding. We got a rhythm going and it was great team-work and just an all around blast!!!

I sure hope this is a thing popping up all over the country! It beats playing Street Fighter at the Mini-Mart any day.