Many Appologies

To all of my wonderful followers, friends, and fans: I sincerely appologize for my absence from this page and from my blogs. There is no excuse. The best I can give to you is that sometimes life outside of the virtual world gets the better of me. I promise to make a better effort to log in everyday and read all of your comments and give you new articles! Won’t happen again. Scouts honour!


– Olio

For What It’s Worth

As the social butterflies we all are, most of us are looking for new and exciting things to do with our friends – or – in the very least, new and interesting hobbies to take up on our own time.
In general I always have a camera with me, but rarely do I think to pull it out for anything less than a “Kodak Moment”. But! I do remember what I used to do for fun on the weekends with my friends growing up.
– My best friend’s mom had a Polaroid camera and would all gather up as much cash as we could and buy up tons of film for it then go and take crazy pictures of each other. I probably still have at least a shoe-box full in my closet at my parent’s house!
– Over the past summer, one of my friends and I did a lot of “traveling for the hell of it” around the state and everywhere we’d go we’d buy disposable cameras and take the most ridiculous pictures of each other, i.e. pulling a wagon that is clearly too heavy for one person to pull but posing such that the picture is convincing, yet ludicrous!
– Another friend of mine would cut lighting gels into different shapes and place them over the lens of her Polaroid camera. The effect was very interesting!
– Does anyone remember the Polaroids with the tiny film that would come out as stickers? In class when we were bored we’d take double exposure images. We used to come up with some pretty cool stuff that way.

So… think up some ideas of your own, or use these and see what you can come up with! Anything can become art, all you have to do is apply yourself! So get your friends together and see what you can come up with! In fact – I’d LOVE it if you’d post some of your creations! And remember, a picture’s worth a thousand words!

For more ideas check this out!

-Olio ❤

Post Secret: Pick of the Week

Image direct to you from Post Secret

If you don’t already know what Post Secret is, you should! It’s only one of the greatest blog pages out there! The catch is, it’s not really a blog. It’s a site, with a physical address, where people anonymously send it post cards filled with their deepest secrets. The secret’s get posted and updated every Sunday. The author of this site has also published a few books of the juiciest post cards! Each week, I’ll post my favorite.
The one I chose this week is simply an omage to the face that I understand where the secret holder is coming from and I know several people who have gone through the same thing. If you, or anyone you know needs help with this matter or a similar matter, please, visit this site.

– Olio ❤

Sundays’ Game: Daydream Shopping Spree

So, something that I really want to do on Sunday’s is take an imaginary internet shopping spree and just find the perfect dream outfit for an occasion. This week I’ll be looking for an outfit for a Valentine’s Day Date!
Personally, I don’t like to go too overboard on accessories for an occasion like this. Also, I tend to shy away from traditional color schemes. To me it’s too cliche. First of all, I apologize for the low quality image, as soon as I have access again to my Creative Suite, they’ll all be better! Also, the only image I could find for the dress was very low quality, but I fell in love with it.

So! Let’s get down to basics!

The dress – it’s not designer, but like I said, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it! Infact, it’s hand made, and I couldn’t even find enough information to know where it came from. It’s a navy blue, polka dot, corset top, ballet style dress. The true navy is closer to the color of the shoes.

The shoes – beautiful navy satin ballet flats by Pedro Garcia.

The Jewelry – both from the new Claire’s line, the earrings are black steel-lace drop hearts and the infinity bangles are done in iridescent over black.

I love the outfit and think that it’s the perfect little get up to get your sweetie’s motor running on that special day. Let’s hope he brings balloon’s 😉

– Olio ❤

It’s All About Style; Not Fashion

Image, of me, by my very own brother, GCTIII

By no means would I refer to myself as a fashion guru of any sort. I live in Nowhereville, USA, I don”t have the money to buy very fashionable outfits or accessories, and I’m kind of “out there” in my thinking. On the other hand, I constantly get compliments on the way that I’m dressed, or have put an out fit together, or my intense make-up. (I love love LOVE make-up, and plan to write an article all about it later on.) I’ve had all kinds of hair styles from luscious, curly, layered hair down to my derriere – to a crazy colorful mohawk – to short short boy cuts – to dreadlocks, and any color/style in between. I have gobs of piercings (thirty-two is the latest count) and tattoos. I’m my own person, and I don’t really care how other people perceive me as long as I am happy with the way that I look.
Which brings me to my point. In every day life, it’s not about fashion, it’s about style. It’s not about designer labels or even designer knock-offs. For me, it’s about taking the common jeans and a t-shirt look, for example, and making it my own. In muy line of work I get tons of free t-shirts, that are already super fly, but always come in a men’s large. What I generally do is cut the collars out and sometimes slit up the sides and lace them back together or something of that nature to make that generic t-shirt my own. I’ll pair it with my comfy jeans, crazy belts, fun shoes (I LOVE shoes and have tons and tons) and fancy, matchy matchy make-up.
People are coming to me constantly asking for advice on how to do something I’ve done with my look or complimenting me on what I’ve done. It’s a fun way for me to express myself, and I always tell people, make a fashion your own, thus becoming style. Take it and run with it, you can still be hip and trendy, but you’ll stand out from the crowd with a perfectly placed twist added into the mix.
– Olio ❤

Smoking: Cutbacks and Inspirations

For years I’ve been a smoker, and I do mean big time. Right now I probably average approximately two packs a day. That’s roughly 600 cigarettes per month! That’s bad. Bad! Now, I’ve been heard saying that I have no desire to quit smoking. This is true, maybe not the most sane desire, but it is true. I would, however, like to cut back a great deal.
I like the fact that I smoke. I like the feeling I get when I smoke. I just like smoking period. Unfortunately, it is extremely unhealthy. Audrey Hepburn has been quoted as saying that six cigarettes per day is still ladylike and acceptable socially. Granted this was nearly fifty years ago, I believe it to be ideal.
Recently, a very good friend of mine went from two packs a day to five or six cigarettes a day. The reason that he decided to do this is because he decided to walk from our apartment complex to the college which is roughly fifteen to twenty blocks. In the area that we live in that is not an extremely large distance to walk. BUT once he had reached about three blocks he was so out of breath he couldn’t continue and had to turn back and drive himself to classes that day. Seeing him be able to do this has been such an inspiration to me that I have decided to cut back myself!
There is a bit of glamour that goes with smoking. I’ll be the first to admit that I started smoking the Camel No. 9 Menthe’s because they had a pretty package. At one point, once I started going to college, I decided that I was going to quit, but had made the comment that if my cigarettes came out in 100’s (stiletto) I would start up again. A week after I made that comment, I was in a gas station with a friend and saw and advertisement for the 100’s version. At that point I decided that it was useless to continue torturing myself by not smoking.
I realize that this article is starting to sound like I am anti-quitting-smoking, but I am not. Infact, I’ve done some research on quitting smoking, and I’ve found a great site full of resources to help you quit!

-Olio ❤