It’s All About Style; Not Fashion

Image, of me, by my very own brother, GCTIII

By no means would I refer to myself as a fashion guru of any sort. I live in Nowhereville, USA, I don”t have the money to buy very fashionable outfits or accessories, and I’m kind of “out there” in my thinking. On the other hand, I constantly get compliments on the way that I’m dressed, or have put an out fit together, or my intense make-up. (I love love LOVE make-up, and plan to write an article all about it later on.) I’ve had all kinds of hair styles from luscious, curly, layered hair down to my derriere – to a crazy colorful mohawk – to short short boy cuts – to dreadlocks, and any color/style in between. I have gobs of piercings (thirty-two is the latest count) and tattoos. I’m my own person, and I don’t really care how other people perceive me as long as I am happy with the way that I look.
Which brings me to my point. In every day life, it’s not about fashion, it’s about style. It’s not about designer labels or even designer knock-offs. For me, it’s about taking the common jeans and a t-shirt look, for example, and making it my own. In muy line of work I get tons of free t-shirts, that are already super fly, but always come in a men’s large. What I generally do is cut the collars out and sometimes slit up the sides and lace them back together or something of that nature to make that generic t-shirt my own. I’ll pair it with my comfy jeans, crazy belts, fun shoes (I LOVE shoes and have tons and tons) and fancy, matchy matchy make-up.
People are coming to me constantly asking for advice on how to do something I’ve done with my look or complimenting me on what I’ve done. It’s a fun way for me to express myself, and I always tell people, make a fashion your own, thus becoming style. Take it and run with it, you can still be hip and trendy, but you’ll stand out from the crowd with a perfectly placed twist added into the mix.
– Olio ❤

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