2 Eggs and a Potato


Day 2: Let’s talk diet.

First of all every individual person’s dietary needs are completely different, and I am not a doctor. I’ve just done a lot of research and landed on what I believe is the best possible combination for myself as far as what will be nutritionally balanced, filling, and satisfy my taste buds.

As the name suggests, this is what I have decided on for my meals: 2 Eggs and a Potato.

I chose this diet because of the potato diet (shoot, Kevin Smith did it. . .) and the nutritional balance of eggs. Not to mention how satisfying and delicious they are. Now – If I transition to vegan, this will have to be revisited.


I will NOT give up my coffee and cream, no-siree! Any other time I have lost weight, that has been the one thing I have been able to have as my little “coping mechanism”. Nothin’ doin’. I’m not giving it up. SUCK IT diet enthusiasts. Srsly.

Check out nutritionix.com!

Anyway – for the rest of my consumption I will be pretty meticulous. Except when I struggle, and I will, and I just want something else. If I hate my life I won’t stick to my diet. So – I’m allowed to mess up.

Otherwise the meal goes as follows: 2 over-easy eggs over top a baked golden potato seasoned with nutritional yeast and pepper. Did I stutter? I did not say butter. I did not say sour cream. I did not say cheeeeeese. I did not say I fried my eggs in butter, or in bacon grease.

So this meal x 3 plus my coffee (and water, duh, don’t be a dolt. . .) Puts me at 1,097 calories per day. Whoops! That’s no good.

Let’s now discuss TDEE. Total Daily Energy Expenditure. This is what your body uses in calories a day based on your activity level, height, weight, age and gender.  If you take in less than your TDEE you are in what is called a calorie deficit. This is necessary when trying to lose weight. Again, don’t be a dolt. You need to eat enough to have energy. You shouldn’t cut more than ~500 calories per day from your TDEE in order to function healthily.

My TDEE is 2,664 currently. So if I only consume 1,097 that puts me at a deficit of 1,567 calories per day. I like round numbers so my goal is likely to be 2,000 calories a day. Yes that breaks my rule but only slightly. Enh do as I say not as I do? So at my deficit based on the amount of calories planned for the day that leaves me 903 calories. GREAT! Because ya’ll know there’s no way I’m only drinking 5 cups of coffee. Plus I love to snack. . . Especially at night.

That is part of me and I’m not going to fight it. Right? I want to enjoy my diet so I stick to it. Plus I need to add lots of green veggies to my diet which I don’t have listed.

As long as I track my caloric intake I will be fine. So I have to make sure I eat enough and not too much.

What is the icing on the cake, you ask? Well let me tell you it’s that you get to eat your dang cake AND lose weight. Just fit it into your TDEE goal. Eat the stupid cake, brah!

*Disclaimer! Always, always, ALWAYS wash and thoroughly cook your potatoes. This is where botulism comes from (not only, but one of the biggest risks). Botulism is not your standard food poisoning. It will kill you dead. Right now. Well kinda slowly. So few cases have survived contraction that there is very very little medical science to protect you in this aspect. – Don’t be a dolt!

Blaaaaahhhh blahblahblahblah

I would have tracked my food intake to post here (which I will start tomorrow) but freaking Safeway was out of my POTATOES and I got all discombobulated.

So! Tell me what you think? Am I being ridiculous? What is your diet like? What would you like to try? Post your TDEE down below! I use this app.



It’s time to get real. . .

Bear with me – this will probably be a difficult, rambley post. I looked at the save date on my original draft and I started this on January 2nd, 2018. . . Procrastination much?

So – I want to talk about two things that basically go hand-in-hand for me. Mental Health and Weight. I understand that this isn’t the case for everyone, but it is for a lot of people and I am one of them.

First of all watch this video:

I danced to segments from it in college and so did one of my classmates who was tremendously talented. – Shane Koyczan is a spoken word poet and he does amazing work.

I don’t want to get deep into bullying necessarily; because that could be a whole entire other post, and probably will be at some point.

Ya know – I was born a ginger and still lived in a time when it was okay to pick on the ginger kid. I was skin and bones as a child and once puberty hit I was chubby; mind you I wasn’t actually that big, but I had probably 30 pounds on my peers. I went out for choir and band and drama. . . art class. . . speech and debate. . .  <— the all encompassing misfits club. The cool kids in my school played sports and were quite mean to the “weirdos”. Stereotypical as that sounds, it was very true for my small High School. Today it’s not so much the case.

So – I’m not doing a very good job of explaining that these outside influences, though they shouldn’t, have had a huge impact on my mental health as an impressionable, young human. I got a bit defiant in some ways, but that was more like trying to prove to the world that I don’t need their approval and prove to myself that I’m not like all of the Stepford children. . . But this did have a significant impact on how I saw myself and what I thought I could do.

When I graduated High School I weighed about 165 pounds. I am 5’5 on the button and I am very large chested.

saho 03
I actually wanted to show you my Senior Prom picture, but this still shows the angst. Not fat at all. . .

(Which has been a struggle for me ever since I started developing breasts. It’s no fun to not be able to wear the pretty bras, 12 year old girls don’t understand the reason behind why boys are so mean to girls with larger breasts, I have severe grooves in my shoulders from my bra straps, and I get terrible shoulder, back, and neck pain from it. Not to mention the fact that I used to get in trouble at work and school a LOT for showing too much cleavage. Honestly? I’ve given up on caring about that aspect because I would have cleavage in a turtle neck ((something my older brother never fails to point out when someone sneakily posts a picture of me on social media)). – Oh and I always have to wear two bras. Woo. . . )

(I told you this was rambley. . .) Back to after high school. So I weighed about 165 pounds and was convinced I was obese because I had gone to a doctor’s appointment, for birth control, I believe, and after my check up the doctor brought me into his office and basically told me I was obese and for my height I should not weight more than 120 pounds. I had a little weight on me, but I was NOT obese, I know that now. (BMI bothers me because it doesn’t account for the fact that I have 30 pounds of boob weight, thank you very much.) So – when I was done with school I had moved to Wisconsin and for the first three months I wasn’t able to find work. I starved myself, believing that I was too fat and I was too young to be this fat, et cetera, et cetera. This led to a horrible cycle of not eating and then being SO hungry and breaking down and eating everything in the fridge. Then I’d be depressed because I couldn’t beat the cycle and lay around feeling sorry for myself and eating everything in sight. SO I quickly gained a lot of weight and by the time I moved back to Wyoming a few years later I was about 215 pounds.

My sister (loving as she is, doesn’t understand that it’s hurtful the way she talks about it) sometimes tries to reiterate my point when I talk about that weight gain in a pretty negative light. (Again, I’m aware you didn’t mean any harm, sis! That’s why I’ve never brought it up.) But I still have a mental block about that initial balloon and how I could have/should have been different about my self care.

So I move back home to go to college with my brother and sister and get a summer job flagging for road construction. The heat and the work caused me to drop back down to about 185 pounds in a few weeks, no problem. Eventually I start taking dance classes and realize I really enjoyed this. But – I was a few years older than my classmates and a good 60-80 pounds bigger – because of all of the crap in my head that led me to believe that you can’t succeed if you’re fat, especially if you’re trying to do something like dance, I ended up dropping out of school. (Which led me to becoming a bartender and that was a very good thing for my confidence and understanding of the real world). So I’m be-bopping along, maintaining a good 170 pound weight and I end up moving in with a guy who was a hot mess, which led me to be a hot mess as well, and I gave up working out and running and vegetarian eating and ballooned back up to 220 pounds.

Once that relationship ended, I ended up in the most regretful, idiotic, waste-of-time relationship I’d ever been in. And added good 20 pounds or so to that weight. So here I am. The FATTEST I’ve been in my life. 240-250 pounds, trying to figure my life out once again.Gaining2013.jpg

(All the while still fighting these mental demons that tell me I can’t do this because I’m fat, I can never be pretty because I’m fat, nobody will like me because I’m fat, nobody wants to see a fat girl do x,y, or z – because she’s fat. . .)

I knew I was facing some severe depression towards the end of this relationship so I decided what was important was that I go back to school. But what should I go for? Having no idea, I decided to just finish my dance degree and go from there.


Well – I didn’t finish that degree, but I made it most of the way through. STILL fighting myself the entire time and holding myself back because I let this “I’m too fat to succeed” mentality torture me. One thing I actively did, however, was go back to my vegetarian diet, be very conscious of what I put in my body, and worked out outside of my 10+ hours of dancing a day.

SOooooo….. When I left school the second time, I was about 170 pounds (do you notice the yo-yo here? 170/215/170/215. . .)Shrinking2015

Then I had a big life event and tragedy that I’m not ready to speak about yet happen, and BOOM! Here I am two-and-a-half years later and I’m – you guessed it – 215 pounds.

Fuck. Me.

Okay – let’s back up this thought process a little bit. Over the last year (and really about 3 years) I have been on a seriously mental roller coaster. One could say it’s because of the outside forces in my life, but the reality of that situation is that I am choosing to allow those things to happen. Because of all of this my depression had become this wretched evil leech and really sucked a lot of my spark and personality out of me.

About a year-and-a-half ago I was working an extremely part-time job (not only this job) cleaning a club and I remember thinking some suicidal thoughts while I was vacuuming. It’d been quite a while since I let that happen, BUT, I was in a good enough place that I knew I didn’t want to deal with that again so I immediately called my doctor and made an appointment. (Very difficult for me to do because I had a therapist when I was about 19 who was judgmental and belittling of depression and all that goes with it.)

I have said before that I do not like to take pills. I am serious. I don’t. So this doctor threw around the word bipolar. I agreed to be put on a bipolar medication (can’t remember what it’s called at this point, but nothing crazy like lithium – yet they all make you gain weight) and an anti-anxiety medication. AND I took these for about 7 months before abandoning them. I’m not bipolar. I’m just not, and I saw no difference in my mental state, so I didn’t want to continue to put that garbage in my body. So I quit. – The true remedy is all about inner love and care and a way you wouldn’t think and I will blog about that at a later time.

One thing I am grateful for at the moment is that my dude, shortcomings that he does have, has never ever made me feel anything less than attractive to him regardless of what size I am.

But this beast is already very long and I haven’t even gotten to the good bits!

Okay here’s the deal – I don’t know why but my brain wants me to start things on the 1st , or Monday, or New Year’s. Maybe it’s because I was born on a Monday. . . Thanks Mom. xoxo

Here’s where it gets serious. I’m going to post some pictures and you’re going to be nothing but nice if you have something to say, or you’re going to be blocked. I don’t need that hate, and I clearly have more courage than you do if I’m willing to post these pictures (and information) for God and everyone to see. So don’t hate. I’m doing a good thing here and I would hope that if you can’t be supportive that you had a good mom who taught you that if you can’t say anything nice, keep your damned mouth shut. <3<3<3

Before pics, measurements!

  • Weight – 215 lbs.
  • Waist – 42″
  • Hips – 52″
  • Bust – 47″
  • Chest – 40″
  • Neck – 13″
  • Left Bicep Unflexed – 14″
  • Left Forearm – 11″
  • Left Wrist – 7″
  • Left Thigh – 25″
  • Left Knee – 18″
  • Left Ankle – 9″


Now Pictures:


Goals and rewards! A reward system is not a bad plan, and can be motivational – therefore I told myself this: I can get a tattoo when I lose 20 pounds. I can get hair extensions when I lose 40 pounds (clip in). After that I’ll re-evaluate.

Diet? – All things in moderation, slowly move towards my vegetarian/ethical eating/whole foods diet again. Possibly vegan at some point?

Exercise? – Right now I’ve committed myself to 20-30 minutes every evening on the treadmill. Also – I’m going to try to start walking on my lunch break and get back into yoga. I have a friend with whom I’ve decided to go to a Zumba class on Mondays, but I think it’s been a month since we made that decision and have yet to go. 😦

Please also check out the blog I do with my mother and brother: fatfamilyfitness and give them love and support, too! I’ll post different updates there as well!

Please tell me what you’re doing to better your mental well-being and if you’re undergoing a weight loss journey! OR if you already have, what worked for you?? Comment below!



You guys! You gotta give this a listen. . .

Shakey Graves. Just get into him anyway!

This song gets super super good at about 4:10, but is TOTALLY worth a listen to the entire thing.

His voice, though! Seriously. Also, there is something that just moves my soul about a kick-drum.

I got this picture from this website.

I don’t normally comment or even form an opinion on the attractiveness of another person, because, I don’t really know, I’m either not wired that way or I am EXTREMELY particular. Aside from my dude, I find two men attractive and that, I believe is more because of a perception of artistic whatevers-blah-blah-blah than physical appearance.

Shakey Graves is one of them. Pretty sure because of his beautiful, sultry voice and his intense music.

The other is Tom Hardy, and really just to look at him I wouldn’t think that, but when The Dark Knight Rises came out I was absolutely fascinated by the voice of Bane, and really their all around portrayal of the character, so I had to find out what made that happen. It’s really a great process; and the King of the Gypsies? Oh my! Then of course his character in Lawless is the man I always thought I’d marry. What a bad ass!

Tom Hardy
So handsome. ❤

Go down that rat-hole and click those links. There’s cool information there!

Hope you love it all as much as I do!



The Non-Farm – or – how to fix your Keurig in 10 easy steps.

Yep. That’s what I’m going to call it.

I’m not a farm – I’m raising nothing for the purpose of profit

I’m not a homestead – I’m not running my home in such a way as to be self sufficient. I’m not even part way there! I’m just implementing practices I grew up with and delving into a few hobbies. And fixing stuff for myself like a danged adult.

Which is exactly what I did this weekend.

Okay now let us back up a little bit. Long story short: Many long eons ago we had a perfectly good, hand-me-down, original, basic Keurig. It was great. I used to hell out of it. Then one day out of the blue, my dude, who didn’t drink coffee at the time, up and decided to purchase a Keurig Vue from some rando off  of a Facebook trading post. Ugh. Why? Doesn’t he know I don’t like change?

Any normal Keurig uses a K-cup, which I quickly bought a $4 refillable cup and started using my own grind (because people love to love me and my beautiful sister would always bring me Starbucks beans!!!) because it’s far cheaper. Why am I explaining this to you? You live on planet Earth. You know what this is all about.

A Keurig Vue uses a fancy pod that isn’t like a K-cup. It was SO irritating! Also it took me a LONG time to find an adapter – therefore I hated that confounded thing! *Sigh* It is pretty cool. It’s all digital and has many options and I use it constantly.

Friday I made a cup of coffee. I’m now on to Dazbog KGB Blend, by the way, took a fancy picture for Instagram, pressed the power button, and promptly smashed that sucker down into the machine.

What the hhhhheeelllllll? As if I have the money to fix something like this. GROWL. Saho does not approve.

So, taking a queue from my childhood curiosity, I took the damned thing apart to figure out what makes it tick. Tutorial as follows:

1.) Break your Keurig

2.) Panic.

3.) Access the Keurig website.

4.) E-mail them asking about any advice; wait a grueling 15-20 seconds for a reply and resume panicking when no response is received within that very reasonable amount of time.

5.) Head to the garage and dig out the screwdrivers.

6.) Spend 45 minutes gingerly (haha, see what I did there?) taking the mother effer apart.

7.) Finally get the power device-a-ma-jigger and find out that it’s bracket is busted.

8.) Remember that you saw some electrical tape the other day, where was that? The counter by the microwave! Go get that.

9.) Pull the power device-a-ma-jigger through to the outside of the Keurig and craft a very high end fastener out of the electrical tape for the power. . . device-a-ma-jigger.

10.) Put it back together and then ask your mom for her old coffee pot. (it did work, by the way. Both things.) Who needs a Ninja Coffee Bar? Hah! I do want one. . .

Let me know if you’d like to see any tutorials in the future! I sure loved making this one for you!



Actually, Let’s talk about brothers. . .

Push play on this guy while you’re reading this post. 🙂 One of my favorite memories I will always have is of my brother hanging on me, half drunk on PBR, while we scream this song back at the band!


brother definition

I’m blessed in my life with brothers. I have sisters in my life, too, and don’t get me wrong – they are special to me as well, but that’s another post.

I want to take some time and honor these men.

First of all I have the fortune of having three brothers by blood. Two older than me and one younger. All of these men have had a profound affect on my life in different ways and at different times.

I have idolized my oldest brother (11 years older) since as far back as I can remember. I grew up wanting to be just like him, be interested in what he was, act like he did, et cetera.

“I am hurt by not having a pic. So hurt. Sad, crying cowboy unicorn bear.” This is why I love him.

As a young adult and really even a teenager, I was knowingly concerned with what his perception of me was; and honestly I don’t see a dang thing wrong with that! He’s a wonderful man who has been through a lot in his life and he loves me and I love him. There are five of us kids and he and I are very similar. Because of that we share a special bond that isn’t like the others. He took me to my very first movie, for crying out loud!

((I’m the exact middle child, so I think I have a bond with each of my siblings that is different than the others. Maybe that’s just me. I really think it’s a middle kid thing. . . (I’m also and oldest child HAHA but that is for another post as well!))

My next older brother left a profound imprint on my mind as a child (he’s 9 years older). My mom has a picture of me and my little brother when we were little running around with our shirts off because we wanted to be just like him! He was so suave! Such a cool dude who drove a cooool car and had cooooool friends.

I don’t know if it’s because of our closeness in age or proximity, but I am closest with my younger brother. We are so gof damm much like the same person, it’s ridiculous. We lived together as young adults, we participated in similar activities in school, we shared a large majority of our friends. We are the hipsteryest of hipsters when it comes right down to it. Our interests are similar and complimentary and collaborative. I don’t think I would be the person I am today without having him in my life. Together we have been through probably the best and

Why I don’t own a single picture of myself with any of my brothers as adults I do not know. . .

worst moments of our lives. Supporting each other, fighting with each other, finding each other again. He’s the one person that can truly persuade my thoughts, emotions, and ways of perceiving the world around me. I truly respect him for that.

The man my sister is about to marry I have known for probably over ten years at this point (yep, I knew him first) and we have always been close. He’s so perfect for her. It’s like he somehow was supposed to be part of our family even though we are not blood.

My dude’s brother is the final mention on this list. His wife is such a close friend to me, and their family has a strong bond as well. He’s been such a huge supporter of me and been there for me through so many things.

I guess I’m not in the right place for the words here and that frustrates me slightly.

I love these men with all of my heart. They mean so much to me.

I hope you have brothers. There’s nothing quite as special (don’t worry sisters, I’m not forgetting you) as how brothers can build you up. Brothers are an important part of the structure of your life whether you realize it or not, even if you don’t have a brother by blood, there has to be a man out there that is close to you and has had a profound influence on your life. Tell me about it in the comments below!



(boys, don’t be mad that I only posted a picture of one of you!)