Sunday’s Game: Day Dream Shopping Spree #2

This week’s shopping event will be to dress for a concert! Idealy local band or show, those are much more exciting. (I’m a great big giant fan of Japanese culture and it’s going to start showing in my fashion related blogs!)

So grab your tickets and get ready to shop ladies!
Wig apprx $70 usd (check out all the great wigs on this site! Yippie!)
Tailored Ruffle Shirt apprx $158 usd
Dickie’s Pants $29.99 (all the colors listed here would be perfect!)
Have fun!
-Olio ❤

Sundays’ Game: Daydream Shopping Spree

So, something that I really want to do on Sunday’s is take an imaginary internet shopping spree and just find the perfect dream outfit for an occasion. This week I’ll be looking for an outfit for a Valentine’s Day Date!
Personally, I don’t like to go too overboard on accessories for an occasion like this. Also, I tend to shy away from traditional color schemes. To me it’s too cliche. First of all, I apologize for the low quality image, as soon as I have access again to my Creative Suite, they’ll all be better! Also, the only image I could find for the dress was very low quality, but I fell in love with it.

So! Let’s get down to basics!

The dress – it’s not designer, but like I said, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it! Infact, it’s hand made, and I couldn’t even find enough information to know where it came from. It’s a navy blue, polka dot, corset top, ballet style dress. The true navy is closer to the color of the shoes.

The shoes – beautiful navy satin ballet flats by Pedro Garcia.

The Jewelry – both from the new Claire’s line, the earrings are black steel-lace drop hearts and the infinity bangles are done in iridescent over black.

I love the outfit and think that it’s the perfect little get up to get your sweetie’s motor running on that special day. Let’s hope he brings balloon’s 😉

– Olio ❤